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Luke commentary available 路加福音註釋書

We’ve just begun the “Luke year” in the three-year lectionary.  The Chinese Church is so blessed that the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) has translated the Luke People’s Bible Commentary into Chinese.  If interested in obtaining a copy, you can go here: https://online.nph.net/luke-chinese-traditional-characters-download.html

The only other conservative Lutheran Biblical commentaries available in Chinese are one on Mark and one on Romans, but both of these are now out of print.  We’re glad that WELS plans to keep translating additional volumes in the People’s Bible Commentary series (the next volume, John, is almost finished).  If you’re in Taiwan and would like to purchase an already printed-out book version of the Luke commentary, you can send us a message and we can arrange for you to receive a copy. 在教會三代經文的系統,我們剛進了「路加年。」感謝主,威斯康星路德會已經翻譯、出版了他們平信徒用的路加福音註釋書。你如果住台灣想要購買這本書的話,可以與我們聯絡。你另外可以上網得到pdf檔:https://online.nph.net/luke-chinese-traditional-characters-download.html

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