Breaking News

2021-Sep-20 — We continue to do a considerable amount of shipping books worldwide to fulfill various needs for the Chinese Church. Our latest shipment was a 42 lb. box of English theological books from the US to Taiwan. The books will be used to help establish a theological library for new efforts with theological education in the China Evangelical Lutheran Church (CELC) (the LC-MS partner synod in Taiwan). The CELC is working toward developing their own seminary, and a good library will be an important part of their efforts.

2021-Sep-13 — We recently signed contracts with Concordia Publishing House granting us permission to reprint one of their Chinese books in Asia and for translating and publishing a new book. First of all, we will soon reprint in Taiwan a Chinese (simplified character) translation of the original Kurth’s Catechetical Helps. There continues to be a demand for this book in Asia, and we are happy to make it much more easily available (and also free of charge) here in Asia. In addition, we now also have permission to translate into traditional/complex Chinese characters and publish the CPH book by William Weedon, Thank, Praise, Serve, and Obey: Recover the Joys of Piety.

2021-Sep-07 — On August 21, we hosted our first ever “mini-seminar” in the Los Angeles, California area, at Our Savior Lutheran Church, Arcadia. The day began with Matins in the sanctuary (sermon here), then continued with a general introduction to Christianity using the “Stream of Life” diagrams (Chinese video instruction here). Following that was an overview of Luther’s Small Catechism. Rev. Dr. Michael Paul led the seminar to this point. Next, Rev. Dr. Steven Mueller presented “Who am I? Personal Identity in the Catechism” (video soon to come). The seminar concluded with an introduction of many Lutheran Chinese books, about a third of which were provided free of charge by the Lutheran Heritage Foundation. The entire seminar was conducted in Mandarin Chinese…Professor Mueller’s presentation being translated from English into Chinese by Dr. Paul. Two Chinese pastors who are hoping to colloquize into the LCMS were in attendance, and they benefited from the basic Lutheran instruction. Pictures from the seminar are here.

2021-Sep-07 — On August 13-16 we hosted our 6th Annual Seminar on Holy Scripture and Luther’s Small Catechism on the campus of Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Pictures from the seminar are here. We are especially grateful for the presentation by CTS professor Rev. Dr. Cameron MacKenize, who gave us a wonderful background and overview of Luther’s Small Catechism (video soon to come). For more on this seminar, including an introduction of the attendees, see our September 2021 newsletter.